Kodi With John is no longer accepting payments for the Gears TV service.  This is a voluntary decision that Kodi With John has made due to the recent lawsuit toward Set TV as well as pressure from the Motion Picture Association toward other providers, free and paid.

While Kodi With John will no longer be offering the service that you can still enjoy Gears TV and all of its great channels.  At this time you can also continue to use the Kodi With John Gears TV guide with the Gears TV service completely free.

If you have purchased a subscription through the Kodi With John site your payment was processed and the service will continue until the expiration date.

After your subscription has expired and you need to re-order Gears TV service I recommend ordering from Gears IPTV Now.  They offer an amazing deal that is even better than what Kodi With John was able to offer.  This includes Gears TV + Mayfair Pro APK combo package for only $18.50 per month, now that is a steal!  To get this offer simply click here.

Gears IPTV Now also has instant activation, so once you place your order you can expect to be able to stream the Gears TV service immediately.

Benefits of Kodi With John Discontinuing?

The benefits of Kodi With John no longer offering the service directly opens the door to our opinion on multiple IPTV services.  We can mention, review, post and talk about Gears TV and other services without any monetary compensation, bias or partially persuaded opinion.

While there is a recommendation above for Gears IPTV Now, there also is no compensation if you choose to purchase Gears TV through that website.  It is simply in my opinion the best choice available with instant activation for Gears TV.

Protect Your Privacy

I believe more than ever it is time for everyone to start protecting themselves when using the internet especially if you are going to be using an IPTV service such as Gears TV.  The best way for you to make sure everything you do online is 100% private is by using IPVanish VPN and keeping it connected while you are streaming or browsing the web.

IPVanish VPN is in my opinion the best when it comes to keeping your information secure and private at all times.  I personally keep it connected to my Android mobile phone, Windows PC and Fire TV device at all times.  It can be used on up to 5 different devices simultaneously.  Click here to get the current rates and hide your identity when online.

Thank you!

I would like to think all the loyal subscribers of the Kodi With John Gears TV service.  There were many subscribers that have been with us from day 1 and we truly appreciated your loyalty to our brand of Gears TV.  Kodi With John is still Gears TV fan boys and recommend the service highly for anyone that is looking for a great IPTV service.