There has been much discussion over the last several days from Kodi users.  Some of which are against the use of pre-installed builds.  There has even been claims that some builds may corrupt, damage, change your system or even invade your personal space and privacy.

A Kodi build is simply a setup that a user has pre-configured Kodi with.  This setup can include menu changes, backgrounds, images, add-ons that are installed, custom links and more.  The user which is often called a developer can then save the settings and with a few programming techniques make it easily accessible to others that may not be as knowledgeable in the Kodi field and use it for themselves.

I have in the past suggested and recommended builds from developers after using them and still do today.  There is no reason to be afraid of using a build created by third parties.  These are time savers for many of us that want the latest and greatest add-ons available without having to install them manually.  The add-ons change over time and once you find a build that you like and the developer updates regularly it is a no brainer… use that build.

You will probably find that over a few years the build you used a couple of years back is different from the one you use now.  This can be due to the build creator discontinuing the build, you finding a better suited one for you or plain boredom.  Either way whether you are loyal to a build years in or not, use your Kodi the way you want to.

While for some a build may not be necessary and for those that are Kodi nuts that are always looking for the newest and greatest add-on or someone who changes the setup constantly, or prefers basic setups – a build may not be for you.  Kodi With John will not encourage or discourage the use of any add-on or build as Kodi is open source and you can make that decision on your own.  After all I do not know the reason you are using Kodi in the first place and each situation is different.

Top Reasons To Use A Kodi Build

  1. Not having to install each add-on separately.  You will not have to know the url of each repository and spend a lot of time individually on each repo and add-on.
  2. This can vary depending on the build, but custom menus.  With many builds you may have a sports section, tv shows sections, fitness and so on.  You can easily choose a category and it will bring you the add-on and the feature in the add-on that is for that category.
  3. Backgrounds, customization and style.  Many builds will give you a sharper look and create an amazing backdrop when using Kodi.  This sometimes is also based on the menu as well.  While in sports you will likely see a boxer or baseball player.
  4. If you don’t like it, it isn’t going to take Kodi over.  Simply goto Clear data under the Apps section in Kodi and when you relaunch Kodi you can try another build.  This is considered a fresh start.  If using Windows you can simply delete the Kodi folder within your APPDATA folder in Windows or just uninstall it and reinstall.
  5. Build updates – Most builds including Pulse, Gears of War, Beast, Spinz, Showbox, XBMC Fully Loaded, and others will update the builds as add-on changes occur and new ones are available.  There is always a chance your build developer will get tired and quit the gig.  When this happens find another build already setup for you.  (Some developers are very commited and will keep builds going for years if not decades.
  6. Paid IPTV should be used with caution that are in any build.  Research, follow and get reviews and once you are convinced it is legit, you can pay for it.  I always say if it means less buffering or buffer free, better quality and more of what I want at a fraction of the cost, why not?  Look at it as a small donation to keep the service upgraded as needed with a premium experience at an economical price.  You can always use a pre-paid card and bogus information if you are afraid of your information or identity being stolen.  If using a pre-paid card, verify if you need it to accept international payments or that it will work in the country you are paying.


It is completely up to you whether or not you want to use a build with add-ons already pre-configured – usually under 50 and in many cases just about 30 of the best add-ons.  Not all of them have an overload and the ones that do usually have a lite version as well.

If you like builds, use them.  If you prefer adding add-ons independently, do that.  It won’t cause you any harm, a fresh restart is always an option if you find a build you are not a big fan of.


Top Reasons To Use Kodi Builds

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