How To Install The Masked Riot Build

Screenshot (33)The newest build created by KodiMaster is out and available for download.  This build uses the less common Titan skin which is more Netflix style like.  You will have rows of movies that use the Exodus addon with genres and categories from the most popular down.  You will choose a movie or tv show and await for Exodus to scrape the streams and begin watching your flick.

This build still has all the top addons including Live Mix and CCLoud for live tv.  Phoenix, UK Turk and a great kids menu and more.  The build is not bad at all, however for those used the AEON or the CCM build may have more difficulty trying to navigate through the menu using the sidebar and could cause some frustration.  If you are mainly looking for Movies and TV Shows it is an excellent build with the movies setup Netflix style for you to browse through.

If you are an avid Kodi build tester you will enjoy checking this cool build out and find that it is updated with the current best addons available.  I have step by step easy to follow instructions below on how to add the new Masked Riot build from KodiMaster.



This is a third party build and is not affiliated with Kodi. Please do not contact Kodi for support with this build.




Screenshot (2)

Click File Manager

Screenshot (3)

Click Add Source

Screenshot (4)

Click on the URL box that says None

Screenshot (5)

Type the following in exactly –

Screenshot (6)

Click Done

Screenshot (7)

Name the wizard kodimaster and click ok

Screenshot (8)

Click Home

Screenshot (9)

Click System

Screenshot (10)

Choose Addons

Screenshot (11)

If you get the first run message, choose OK

Screenshot (12)

Install From Zip File

Screenshot (13)

Find and choose kodimaster (or what ever you decided to call it)

Screenshot (14)

Select kodimaster-repository-xxx


Screenshot (16)

Install From Repository or Get Addons in Hellix

Screenshot (17)

Choose Kodimaster Repository

Screenshot (18)

Program Addons

Screenshot (19)

Kodimaster Wizard (If using helix you may not see this right away and may have to wait awhile or select Refresh on the KodiMaster Repository to update the files)

Screenshot (20)



Screenshot (22)

Wait until you see the KodiMaster Wizard enabled notification

Screenshot (23)

Click Home

Screenshot (24)

Click Programs

Screenshot (25)

KodiMaster Wizard

Screenshot (26)

Select the one that says KodiMaster Builds (you are welcome to test other builds you find in this wizard)

Screenshot (27)

Select Masked Riot to start the download of this build. You could also try some of the older builds. Kodimaster Ultimate, Andy’s 7 and others.

Screenshot (28)

Wait for it to download. If you are using android once the download is complete do not click OK. If you are installing this on Windows PC you can click OK.

Screenshot (29)

If you are installing this on android unplug your device. Windows PC users can click OK.

Screenshot (30)

Click Yes, Close (for Windows users) and relaunch Kodi For android users wait until your box reloads and then launch Kodi

Screenshot (31)

The Masked Riot build is setup and loaded.

Screenshot (32)

There is a sidebar you can access by going left to find additional menu options, addons and features.


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