Gears of War 6.6 – 123 Movies And Mucky Ducks Fix

The steps below are only to users using the Gears of War build version 6.6

While Gears of War 6.6 came out and did a bit of a fix for the Mucky Ducks add-on it is not permanent and as 123 Movies sent an update users of this build may have not gotten it causing it to give an error again.

There is a few simple steps you can do to fix this if you are using Gears of War 6.6.  Follow the extremely simple steps below:

  • Launch the Gears of War 6.6 build
  • Scroll to System and Click Add-ons
  • Choose Install from zip file
  • Scroll down and select .mucky
  • Select

Your Mucky Ducks repository will update and 123 Movies will also update and you should be able to use this add-on again.

At the time of this post Imperial Streams was still not working, however 123 Movies, M4u, Movie Vault and Scene Pepper were functioning properly.

If you are having issues with Mucky Ducks add-ons such as 123 Movies and Movie Vault including the add-ons deleting themselves automatically and you are not using Gears of War 6.6 – Click the link below for more details on how to fix these issues.

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