If you are having difficulties installing the Pulse CCM build for Kodi using the Ares Wizard or many other builds and addons you can use a third party app that is available for Android and Windows to install these builds.  Ares Wizard is currently having technical difficulties and we hope they get this resolved quickly, however until then I have an alternative that will get your Pulse CCM build and others installed easily.

When you download StreaM! you may need to set your device to allow apps to install from unknown sources.  Next, make sure Kodi is also installed on your device and any Kodi version should work just fine.

Make sure Kodi is currently not running in the background prior to launching Stream! and you will come up to a menu with a few options to choose from.  One of these options will say Community Build or something similar to this after you exit any advertisements on your way to these options.

Choose the link below to be directed to the download link for StreaM! and install instructions.  This is a stand-a-lone program you will run side by side Kodi and it will install addons and builds seamlessly.

Choose community builds and Pulse CCM will be an available option.  Click on this and either choose Fresh Start or Keep Data (or something similar) and your build will begin to install.  Once the build is completely installed it will state completed.  At this point you can exit the Stream! program and launch Kodi and the new build you chose will be installed in your Kodi setup.

There is many more builds you should test and you may even find a build you have not used or ever heard of and really enjoy.

For more information on how to install StreaM! refer to one of my older posts by clicking here  for more detailed instructions including a link that will take you directly to the download page so that you can install it.

If you find this helpful for you, please share this with your friends so they too can get Pulse and many more builds that are available installed with ease.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below.

Install Pulse CCM Build For Kodi Using StreaM! App

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