The latest Gears of War version 6.5 was released a couple days ago and is definitely one of the most impressed updated builds lately.  Within this build you will get all the popular movie and tv show add-ons such as Exodus, Specto, M4U, TV Mix, Movie Vault and others.  You will also get the sports add-ons including Sports Devil, Castaway, FS Sports and all the Sky Sports channels.

They also didn’t forget about you music fans and you can get all your music videos frill and streaming jams you need with the music section.  A very nice section when you either have a party, want to swim out back with a tune or relax with smooth melodys.

Kids will also enjoy this build with a nice section for the little guys as well.  The build creator states future builds will also include some of the kids section having updates and more content as well.

Reboot and Dexter Pro are also added into this build and will only work for those that subscribe to these pay tv services.

Fix VidTime and MetalliQ Error

This may not happen to you, but sometimes for whatever reason when this build is installed you get a VidTime error after using some of the submenu areas or try to access this add-on.  The current Free USA TV section under GearsTV is one area you may be presented with this error.

Another add-on that poses an area could be MetalliQ.  This is a multiple movie search add-on and is found under the Movies section.  You can easily fix both of these add-ons with a few simple steps.  Follow the steps below to get both these functioning in this build.

  1. Launch the Gears Of War build.
  2. Scroll over to the option that says System.
  3. Under system choose Add-ons, then click My add-ons and then find Video add-ons.
  4. To fix MetalliQ choose the settings button on your remote on MetalliQ. (right click on a mouse or hold down the button a couple of seconds on most android boxes to do this).
  5. Repeat step 4 for VidTime to fix it then resume to step 6.
  6. Now go ahead and click on Add-on information and then choose Update.
  7. Once the update is completed you can use these add-ons within this build.

Enjoy and hopefully there will be little issues once you complete the above steps.  Any time an add-on fails you can always do these steps to try and fix the issue no mater what build or setup style you are using.  Add-ons are supposed to usually automatically update, but on occasion they need a manual update pushed.

As always you can always add additional repos and add-ons that you want to add to this build setup.  Gears of War normally updates every week or 2 so keeping it updated will insure the best operation of your movies, tv shows and sports.

Click here for details on how to install Gears Of War.  These exact same steps will always install the latest version.


Fix for VidTime and MetalliQ using Gears of War Build 6.5

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