Ivue TV Guide is an excellent Program add-on for Kodi that allows you to connect your live television content to a guide with the shows times and listings just as if you had a cable guide.  The IVue Guide does not come with the add-ons themselves, thus you must already have the add-ons you want to connect to the guide.

For example if you have cCloud added to your setup and there is a channel you watch frequently such as Food Network that works well in cCloud.  You can then add the channel to the guide and have it direct to the links that is in cCloud when you click it.  Should that link go down at some time you can always route it to another add-on with a working link.

There are sometimes a few add-ons pre-configured within the guide, however many will not work without your customization.  Some may require a fee thru a particular add-on such as Dexter or Reboot for the live channels to come in.  Some of these add-ons such as Dexter may have an easy install to add some of the channels to the guide with little effort if you are a paying member.

If you have the IVue TV Guide installed you will be prompted for a valid username and password to access the guide.  It is free and easy to request your ID and this is only to prevent major box sellers and redistributor’s of Kodi boxes from installing their guide continuously and overloading the servers.

Each username and password comes with a  5 box limit.  To change your username and password within Kodi simply right click on the add-on under Video Add-ons and choose configure.  There will be tabs you can flip through to modify your settings.  Some devices may have a special settings button or require you to hold the button down a few seconds to get to the menu.

If you need help installing the Ivue2 Guide click this link.  If you are would like to request your username click here.  This will take you to their Facebook page where you can message them kindly for a username and they will usually send you one within 24 hours.

How To Get Your Ivue TV Guide Username

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