StreamWould you like to add third party unofficial Kodi addons easier, faster and have more options than ever before?  Then this is a great app you may want to add to your Android or Windows setup.  This is a standalone app that at the time of this article had over 60 builds and 30 addons for Kodi.

To install these builds and addons all you do is launch the app and pick and choose.  You can install popular addons such as Exodus, M4U, Phoenix, Navix and more with a simple click.

Some of the full builds include are Pulse, Shield, Atmosphere, Suicide and others.  When you choose to install a new build STREaM will generally ask you if you would like to keep your current data on Kodi or do a complete fresh install.  By doing a fresh install it will automatically remove all addons and your old build giving Kodi a complete and clean setup of the build you have chosen.  If you want to try another build follow the same steps, its that easy.

These are the easy steps to get this app for Android or Windows and start installing more builds and addons easily.

  • Goto
  • Scroll down midway on the website and select Android or Windows to download the version you wish to choose (If you using Android make sure your settings are set to allow apps from unknown sources).
  • Install the file from the folder you downloaded it to.
  • You must have Kodi already installed but it cannot be running when launching STREaM.
  • Lauch STREaM, choose a build or addon and it will do the rest.  No hassle, no programming required, just as simple as that and you will be able to use and access multiple Kodi builds on the fly.


  • Install addons with no Kodi knowledge.
  • Install full third party unofficial Kodi builds with no Kodi knowledge.
  • If you do not have Kodi and cannot get it to your device this program can install the latest version for you.
  • Contains over 40 apps as well you can install using STREaM.
  • Fast and easy.


  • There are a few adds on this app, however does not appear to be to intrusive and a Malware and Virus scan showed no signs of danger to download and use this app.
  • Requires Java 1.8 for Windows, easy to install if prompted follow instructions.  (Be sure to uncheck the third party installations Java recommends, unless of course you want them installed on your pc, but are not necessary.)

This app and all third party addons as well are not affiliated with Kodi.  There as always is no guarantee these addons, builds or this app will function properly or may be discontinued at any time.  Use at your own risk.


A Great Kodi Configuration Tool – Add Builds And Addons Easy – STREaM!

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