Happy New Year to all my Kodi friends out there whether you are a regular visitor to this site or this is your first visit may you have a great 2017 wherever you are.  Some Kodi users prefer builds from wizard setups that will have all the popular add-ons available while others take a more simple approach and prefer to install only the add-ons they plan on using.

I have put together a quick list of the best add-ons over the past year that I have used and others have enjoyed as well either all of or much of the 2016 year.

  • Exodus – This is bar none the best add-on for Kodi at this time.  If you are a movie buff, television show freak or even a Sci-Fi guy you will love this add-on.  It contains original series from networks including Netflix, Showtime, HBO, Starz and others.  The latest box office hits in the theater as well as your favorites from yesterday and even yesteryear can be found within this one add-on.  If you are looking for a great add-on for movies and television series but do not want to add a wizard and build to your setup, this add-on will be all you need.  To see the latest install steps to Exodus click here.
  • Phoenix – Coming in 2nd and not by much is Phoenix.  Exodus and Phoenix are neck and neck in many polls over the internet, however Exodus normally always comes on top of any survey found.  This add-on includes a set of developers that create content and place on Phoenix giving multiple menus.  It is almost like you get several add-ons in one.  The reason I cannot put this one ahead of Exodus is that sometimes the developers go on a hyenas and there work doesn’t stay updated as it should.  There is however tons of content available if you search for it including movies, tv shows, and even some live sports and television.  Phoenix is quite good at changing it overtime to keep the dead portions out as best as they can to make a great experience for the end-user.  I have an install tutorial here.
  • Sports Devil – This one sometimes falls off the radar for some users but from my experience has done quite well.  While it will take some effort to find the stream of the live sporting event you are in search of, most of the time you can or at least I do.  There are a ton of links available and you will have to go through many bad links to find the good ones, but if you use it regularly you can usually find a decent feed within no time.  There are some events that you will not be able to find and is no guarantee you will find every game or event you search for.  I have a tutorial here on how to install Sports Devil.
  • Gears TV Paid IPTV – Yes this one has made the top 5 for 2017 even though it hasn’t been out for a lengthy time it gets a bump based on its performance the last couple of months.  It is an USA live IPTV service that also includes PPV fights, NFL Ticket, NBA Pass and more.  These channels are all in HD and as long as you have a decent box setup or computer and internet that the ISP doesn’t throttle your speed has very little buffering as well.  If you are getting throttled by your ISP click here to check out the current VPN special.  If you are interested in getting Gears TV  service for a low monthly fee or need install steps click here.
  • Zen – While I personally do not use this add-on a bunch I had to place it here based on many of my clients, friends and others that have raved about it and use it quite a bit.  It is very similar to Exodus as it contains movies and television shows mostly.  If you use Kodi for mostly binge watching your favorite shows and flicks I would definitely recommend this one.  It is always a good idea to have a backup to your favorite add-on just in case your primary one goes down for awhile, you will then have a backup plan to keep on streaming.  To get the Zen install steps click here.

While there is a never-ending list of add-ons on Kodi, there are many you could be using.  The list above is just the five I recommend for anyone wanting to get the best out of their Kodi setup.  Let me know in the comments below if you use these add-ons or have one you think I am crazy for listing in the top 5.  I am sure there are plenty of them that deserve equally to be mentioned.

Kodi Top 5 Add-ons of 2016 – Happy New Year

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