Exodus continues to be one of most popular add-on that can be used on Kodi. Exodus is developed by a third-party developer and is not supported by the Kodi development team.

You will find the latest blockbuster hits, movies and series. Some of the series can be streamed within hours after being aired while some less popular shows may take some extra time.

Also movies that are just released in the theater can be watched, again it can take a while to be available and many times the quality will not be good for the first few days or weeks until a DVD copy is available.

I have posted a video below with the latest steps to install this add-on. My older post still has instructions that work but some of the wording has changed over the months.

That has prompted me to make a newer video with the latest install steps to give you the easiest way possible to get Exodus up and running on your Kodi setup.

Below is the video with the Exodus installation steps.  Is Exodus an add-on you use and why… leave your comments below.

How To Install Exodus On Kodi, Updated Steps

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