Gears TV can be installed on any Android device and Fire TV device.  We do not currently offer support for Apple devices, however you may be able to get Gears TV to work on Apple products – there is no guarantee or support for Apple.

Gears TV Android Direct Download

The easiest way to install Gears TV and Mayfair Pro is to simply visit the website on your Android box using a web browser.  The majority of Android devices will have an internet browser that will allow you to do this easily.

Once you are able to access the web using a browser you will simply type the following url’s in the web browser to download the Gears TV and Mayfair Pro files.  Once they are downloaded you can install and launch the programs.

If you were unable to locate a browser, ES File Explorer is an app you should be able to install from the Google Play Store on your Android device.  When using ES File Explorer you can find an option to select Download to type the url required to initiate the download.  While these steps will work, the browser method is the much easier option.

Gears TV Download URL:

Type the url above in the web browser and it will download the Gears TV add-on.  You will now have access to Gears TV and all the channels it offers.  This program does not offer a guide.  When you purchase Gears TV from this website, you get access at no extra charge to the Mayfair Pro Guide.  You can install the Mayfair Pro Guide and have an entire guide as well.

Mayfair Pro Guide URL:

Type the url  above in the web browser to download Mayfair Pro.  When using Mayfair Pro you will type the username issued for Mayfair Pro to enter the guide.  Once you have access to the guide you will also need to enter your Gears TV login details.

While there are two login details, both will be included with your service.  They are usually the exact same, however sometimes they will differ and if this is the case it will be noted once your order has been completed.

Gears TV Fire TV Install Steps

The Fire TV is one of the best streaming devices on the market and that is no exception when it comes to streaming Gears TV.  You can get your service up and running in no time.  I recommend using Filelinked to install your Gears TV apps on the Fire TV.

You can also use Filelinked on Android devices and NVidia Shields to get your service to work as well.

Gears TV Filelinked Code: 41880793

Downloader App

The Downloader is a free app that is available and can easily be installed on your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.  Simply search Downloader or ask for it using your Alexa remote and install the free app.

Before starting the entire process make sure your Fire TV is set to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed.



  • Install Downloader app.
  • Launch the Downloader app.
  • Type the following url in the address bar:
  • Click Go and wait for the download to finish.
  • Once completed install Filelinked.
  • There may be some updates for Filelinked, if so complete the updates, if not you will be prompted for a code.
  • Type in 41880793 and then continue or press ENTER.
  • You will now be able to download Gears TV and Mayfair Pro.  Once downloaded you will click the play button to initiate the install process.

PRO TIP:  Once you have installed the necessary apps using Filelinked you can click the trash can symbol on the main Filelinked screen to delete the install files as they are no longer required.

Gears TV NVidia Shield Install Steps

You can follow the same steps mentioned in the Fire TV steps using Filelinked on your NVidia Shiled.  Simply install Filelinked using a browser the the following link: