KWJ TV Guide “No Program Data”

Day Light Savings Time Guide Issue

The Kodi With John Gears TV guide may currently be showing “No Programming Data” on all of the channels at this time.  The channels however do still work, it is only the inability to see what show is currently on and future programming.

This is a known issue that has been caused due to day light savings time.  As the time was advanced forward in most areas Sunday morning, the guide has gone offline.

The guide has been fixed.

If you are still getting No Programming shown on all chanels, anytime you can try the following steps to see if it will fix your guide:

go to Program addons or Video addons -> find Kodi With John (the yellow one, not the Kodi With John Gears TV) -> Long/Hold press the enter/ok button on the icon -> add-on settings -> maintenance -> reset channel(s) program info.

The guide issue is fixed, do the steps above to reset channels.

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