Live mix had many live television channels including premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax and more.  It also gave viewers access to many other cable channels across the globe and is at this time no longer available.

The add-on was coded by Metal Kettle and worked well as they continuously kept up with any new changes that occurred to give you live TV.

The streams that they were coded to has since gone to a paid service which Metal Kettle is not a subscriber of and has said that the add-on will no longer be working.

Metal Kettle has said the Live Mix add-on is no more.  The streams they were coding from has gone paid and you will no longer get your channels through the Live Mix add-on

If you have this add-on you will now have to rely on others such as cCloud.

Live TV is definitely not reliable in Kodi and should be used with the assumption it may not be working long.  This proves that point once again.  Live television is a very hard battle to win in the world of Kodi.

Live Mix Kodi Add-on Is No Longer Available

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