While you do not need to upgrade to the Mayfair Pro APK package to access any of the content that the Kodi With John Gears TV service offers, it is an option that all subscribers have that would like to have a few added features to their streaming experience.

Mayfair Pro is an advanced guide that can be used in Kodi to give users a few more features when it comes to browsing your Kodi With John Gears TV service.  If you upgrade to Mayfair Pro you will also be given access to the APK that is now available.  This will allow subscribers to access a fully functional TV guide for the majority of channels offered by KWJ Gears TV without even launching Kodi.

The service is still only 1 stream per account, however you will have the option to either stream with your Mayfair Pro guide in Kodi, Mayfair Pro guide APK, the free Kodi With John guide, or the Kodi With John Gears TV add-on.

A Few Mayfair Pro Benefits

Mayfair Pro Guide

Mayfair Pro APK

  • No need for Kodi when using your service.  You can launch the Mayfair Pro APK to watch using the guide and use the Gears TV APK when watching without the guide.  The entire service is available even if you do not have Kodi.
  • Mayfair Pro has static channel numbers and these numbers can be customized per your preference.  Simply type in the number of the channel you wish to switch to and the Mayfair Pro guide will jump straight to that channel, even if you are watching a channel without opening the guide.
  • Jump back the the last watched channel.
  • Customize all your channels on the guide to your personal preference, remove channels you do not want and so on.
  • When watching a channel using the Mayfair Pro guide, you can switch channels up and down just as if you were on a cable box without bringing the guide menu up.
  • If you reinstall Mayfair Pro after deleting it or on another device, all your settings are saved and will load your latest customization’s for you.
  • *It is only an extra $5 per month when purchasing with your Kodi With John Gears TV subscription.

*If you do not purchase Mayfair Pro at the same time you purchase your Kodi With John Gears TV subscription, the May Fair Pro guide is $8.95 and does not include KWJ Gears TV which you must already have a subscription for or the guide will not work.

How To Get Mayfair Pro APK?

You can download the Mayfair Pro APK to your Android device by visiting this link ==>> https://www.kodiwithjohn.com/apk/MayFairPro.apk for a direct download.  You will then be required to enter your Mayfair Pro account login as well as your KWJ Gears TV account login.  Both are usually the same (but this is not always the case).

You can also install the Mayfair Pro add-on to Kodi by installing the following repo url:  http://mayfairguides.net/repo.  The Mayfair Pro will be found in the Program Add-ons portion of the Mayfair Repository.

Get Started

Signup for Kodi With John Gears TV service and simply change the package so it includes Mayfair Pro and once your account is activated you will have access to all the features mentioned on this page.  If these features do not excite you, or you want to save $5, simply order the standard package and you will still have access to all the channels and the Kodi With John guide for Kodi that is included free with your paid service.