Kodi With John Gears TV is an USA IPTV service that gives subscribers access to hundreds of USA channels.  Kodi is recommended when using the service if you would like to be able access the optional Kodi With John Gears TV guide that is available to all users that have Gears TV.


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Kodi With John Gears TV Add-on Install Steps

What do you get with Kodi With John Gears TV?


Don’t miss your favorite NFL, NBA and NHL game as you will find them all right here.  Plus get access to every major UFC PPV fight each and every month.  There will be more sports than you will be able to watch.


Whether you prefer comedy, horror or classics we have got you covered!  Check out our channel listings and you will notice almost every major premium movie channel is available from the USA and even many other ones from the UK.


The kids are not left out of our package.  There is plenty of kids content such as Nick, Disney, PBS Kids and so many more.  No matter which family member is ready to catch some live TV, they will be able to find something on the Kodi With John Gears TV service.


Streams R Us Included. . .gears tv

Hundreds of on demand movies are now included for all new accounts and renewals at no extra charge. Streams R Us is included in the Cyclone Build as well.  The Cyclone install steps tutorial video is available below.

The video below show a quick sneak peak of what you can get with Streams R Us and the install steps required to use the KWJ Gears TV BONUS.  Of course if you are using the Cyclone Build Streams R Us is already pre-installed for you and no additional steps are required.

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What is great about Kodi With John Gears TV?

  • Hundreds of USA channels, many of which are in HD quality.
    • Plus as a bonus you will receive channels that are outside of the USA as well.  These channels are only a bonus and are not maintained at the same level as the USA channels.  This includes access to channels from the UK and Canada.
  • More money!  IPTV services are a great way to save each month and an excellent alternative to traditional cable TV.
  • Access to the Kodi With John guide.  After your service is activated, be sure to install the Kodi With John guide shown in the tutorial above.  If you are using the Cyclone Build the guide will already be installed for you.
  • No contract!  While most people love the service and renew each month, it may not be for everybody.  If you find it not working well with your internet, device or simply want to quit the plan, no problem.  Just don’t renew.  We at “Kodi With John” do not auto renew your services.

A few disadvantages?

  • Channels may at times go in and out.  This is due to the way IPTV services operate and at times disconnect from the source of the stream.  Gears TV works hard daily to keep the majority of channels live and restoring those that have gone down.
  • You can only stream the service on 1 device at a time.  If you would like to use the service on multiple TV’s at the same time, purchase a second account.  You can however use it on different devices, just not at the same time.
    • I recommend that you use alternatives such as Terrarium, Showbox, Mobdro and add-ons on Kodi such as Neptune Rising to alleviate this issue by having a large amount of video on demand available on all your devices in your household.
  • Local channels not included.  If you want to be sure and receive your local channels, I recommend a HDTV antenna.
  •  No payment auto renewal.  For the safety of all our customers and to prevent unwanted charges, you must renew prior to your expiration date.  Simply make a payment,  create a ticket then select Gears TV Renewal and submit your username to be credited an additional month of service.



Q. Can I use Kodi With John Gears TV on more than one device at a time?
A. No, the service can only be used on one device at at time.

Q. Is there a guide available for the Kodi With John Gears TV service?
A. Yes, you can use the Kodi With John guide at no extra charge.  The Mayfair Pro guide requires an additional fee and contains more features than the free guide.  However, if you want a very nice and basic cable style guide, check out the video above on how to install the Kodi With John guide.

Q. What is the Cyclone Build install source url for Kodi?
A.  The current source needed to install the Storm Wizard which features the Cyclone Build is at http://streamertips.com/wizard.

Q. What is the source to install the Kodi With John Gears TV Add-on?
A. The current source that will install the KWJ Gears TV Add-on as well as the TV Guide is at http://mayfairguides.net/kodiwithjohn.

Q. Can I use Streams R Us on more than one device at a time?
A. No, you can only use Streams R Us on one device at a time.  You can however use Kodi With John Gears TV and Streams R Us on different devices at the same time.

Q. Why can I not login to Streams R Us?
B. If you purchased your account through Kodi With John, your Streams R Us login credentials are usually the same as your Kodi With John username.  This however is not always the case.  If you purchased your account through this website, send a ticket to us by >> clicking here.  Send your current KWJ Username in the ticket request and we will check on your Streams R Us account.

Q. How many channels does KWJ Gears TV have?
A. There are hundreds of channels available.  For a complete list of channels click here.

Q. I am having KWJ Gears TV buffering issues, is this normal?
A. While channels can go down at times, it is not normal to have constant buffering.  If you are experiencing this try and set your Player setting in Kodi to Always Refresh and turn off Hardware Acceleration (Surface), and Hardware Acceleration AM Codec (To find these settings in Kodi go to SYSTEM > PLAYER > VIDEOS). I would also recommend resetting your modem and router, this many times makes a major improvement.

Q. Where can I download the Kodi With John Gears TV APK?
A. You can directly download the original Gears TV APK at https://www.kodiwithjohn.com/apk/GearsTV.apk and it will work with your service.

Q. Where can I purchase a KWJ Gears TV account?
A. To give it a try for 1 month, you can ==>>> click here to signup for Kodi With John Gears TV (aka. Gears Hosting).

Q. How much does Kodi With John Gears TV cost?
A. Kodi With John Gears TV is $19.95 per month.

Q. How much is Mayfair Pro Guide?
A. The Mayfair Pro guide is an optional add-on that can be purchased.  If the Mayfair Pro guide is purchased as a COMBO during the purchase of the Kodi With John Gears TV service at the same time the price is only $24.95 per month for both KWJ Gears TV and Mayfair Pro APK.  If you choose this package you will have access to Mayfair Pro Guide on Kodi when using your Gears TV subscription.  You will also have the choice of using the brand new Mayfair APK guide as well.

Q. What do you get with the Mayfair Pro Guide?
A. If you are a Mayfair Pro Guide subscriber, you will be able to use the Mayfair Pro Kodi app with your active and current KWJ Gears TV subscription.  The Mayfair Pro Guide is a more advanced guide with static channel numbers, true cable style browsing, channel customization and more.  You will also receive access to the Mayfair Pro APK that can be directly installed  on Android or Fire TV devices.  If you paid for the Mayfair Pro APK you can download it from https://www.kodiwithjohn.com/apk/MayFairPro.apk and it will work with your service on any Android or Fire TV device.

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Accounts take 1 to 24 hours to become active.  An email is sent after each activation or renewal is processed.  Make sure your email is correct when ordering. We can only renew accounts originally purchased from this site or vpncoach.com. Kodi With John does not host any of the streams.