This has happened for a number of builds in the past.  They get so many downloads or users that in order to try to maintain a bit of control a password, pin or other similar requirement is needed in order to use the build or in the case of the Pulse, you need the pin in order to start the download process from within the Ares Wizard.

With the Pulse however, it is really easy to get your pin.  You go ahead and follow the exact same steps I have outlined in my previous post:

How To Install The Pulse Build On Kodi – Jarvis

While I say follow the steps exactly, nothing remains exact for very long in the world of Kodi.  While the steps in the link to the tutorial above are still working there can be a few minor changes from the time it was posted.  If you follow the steps accordingly with a few miniature changes based on your version of Kodi and other factors you can still easily get the setup working on your device.

Once you have followed all the steps and you are ready to install the Pulse build you will eventually get a message stating you need a pin to complete the process.  There are a few options to choose from including scanning your mobile device on the screen to take you directly to you pin page, or simply clicking to access it from your browser.  The simplest is to simply click the browser selection and a new window will open with your pin number inside.

Once you get your pin return to the Ares Wizard and enter your pin where is requests you to do so and then you will have the option to click install and enjoy the build.

Below is the updated Pulse installation video which also includes the pin required step.

Should I Still Use The Pulse

This is only speculation on my part, however if you are putting this build on multiple boxes or devices for your family members, friends or tend to download this build multiple times a day – it could be time to start searching for an alternative.  Again, I am not suggesting you completely quit using the Pulse Build.  It is a great build, one of the best and is updated regularly.  I am only advising you to use with caution as there could be limits added soon as the number of downloads per day or week.  If this was to occur and you hit your maximum allotted downloads, you need to be able to have your backup option ready to load.

This may or may not be the case as I have not specifically heard of this yet, and if you like using this build by means continue to do so.  I just always prefer to have additional arsenal available in case the rarely used up ones, gets used up.

A Pin is Now Required for the Pulse Build

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