Do you ever wish you could remove the RSS feed that is scrolling beneath or above your screen at the beginning of the Kodi launch.  This can be done easily with a few very simple steps.  Whether you have the stock version of Kodi installed and are creating your own custom build or you have installed a build of your choosing and do not like the RSS feed scrolling by, it can easily be disabled from within the Kodi settings menu.

There are times that you may wish to not disable this feature due to important information pertaining to Kodi, the build you installed, latest movies or a specific feed you have selected scrolling.

Some build may announce an updated version or even specific add-on update information and news that could be beneficial to you.  You can however always re-enable this option if you decide to do so.  The steps are about the same to enable to disable this feature.

Disable or Enable RSS Feed Within Kodi

  • First you will need to launch Kodi.
  • Next scroll over and click on System.
  • Then you will choose Appearance which should be your first choice to choose from.
  • Once there got to Skin and the menu to the right will have an option that says Show RSS news feeds.  If this option has the bullet or dot in it the RSS feeds will be on.  Remove the bullet to turn it off and back out and you will no longer have these feeds occurring.

If you wish to change the RSS feeds you can click edit and choose different url feeds you would like to display, even your own if you have a build you would like to give news updates too. is also a good free RSS feed source you can use.  This will allow anyone to create their own news or information update and receive a link.  Using this link in Kodi would allow that feed to scroll as the feed.

You cannot edit the RSS feed in basic settings within Kodi, you would need to change it to at least Standard to have the edit option available.

How to Remove the RSS Feed From Kodi

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